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Aquatic Weed Management offers the latest technology in the mechanical harvesting of aquatic weeds. It is the only harvester that can reach depths of 5 metres to remove anchored species as well as floating aquatic weeds.
Aquatic Weeds
Aquatic Weed Management are available to control aquatic weeds found within our waterways.Ongoing management and follow-up control play an essential role in the reduction of aquatic weed infestations.
Mechanical Harvester
The FEM625-10 is one of the most efficient aquatic plant harvesters currently available with the ability to collect up to 95% of harvested material eliminating the need for additional clean up procedures.

Welcome to Aquatic Weed Management

Aquatic weed harvesting is a necessary component of the management of urban water bodies.
Aquatic weeds represent a significant amount of biomass that if not removed contribute to the siltation, nutrient release and eutrophication of water bodies. Eutrophication promotes excessive plant growth and decay and causes a severe reduction in water quality.
Spraying large infestations with herbicides can cause nutrient release and eutrofocation (reduced oxygen levels) that can result in fish kills.
By removing large amounts of aquatic weed mechanically, large amounts of nutrients are also being removed. Less herbicide is used when following the use of a harvester.
Aquatic Weed Management are specialists in the removal of aquatic weeds from lakes and waterways.
We have extensive experience working on small and large projects and we would be happy to liase on any aquatic weed removal requirements and to follow through with the necessary aquatic weed removal.
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