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Mechanical Harvester

The FEM625-10 is one of the most efficient aquatic plant harvesters currently available with the ability to collect up to 95% of harvested material eliminating the need for additional clean up procedures.
By removing large amounts of aquatic weed mechanically, large amounts of nutrients are also being removed. The result is an immediate improvement to your waterways.
Once the bag is full the operator simply unhooks the bag from the collection tube, seals the top and activates the lift mechanism allowing the bag to simply fall off the boat into the water (the bag will float) to be collected later. Similarly the bag can be lifted directly onto a following boat to minimise down time. Alternatively bags can be dropped onto the shore for removal.
The collection bag filters incoming material and allows water to exit during the harvesting process, leaving only plant material and sediment ensuring that water returned to the system is cleaner.
Draft at front of boat is 4 inches and 15.8 inches at the rear, this allows the FEM625-10 to operate close to banks and increases collection efficiency.. All hydraulic systems use bio-degradable oil ensuring any spillage reduces harm to the environment, flora and fauna.
Boat size allows easy navigation around obstructions eg rowing lanes, marker buoys, and hydraulic adjustment of the cutting depth allows the cutting head to follow bottom contours and cut parallel to side batters.
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